Fun Things


This small community prides itself on having everything you need in one place!

This is not your average small rural town. Yes, we do have the beautiful Pacific Ocean and among the best whitewater views in the world. But here you also have ALL the government services, shopping, medical caregivers and hospital, and other conveniences of a big city without the traffic or stress.

While the majestic Pacific Ocean of the Mendocino Coast provides the freshest air, most spectacular sunsets, great whale watching, fishing, beaches, tide-pooling, coast horseback, romantic getaways, kayaking, scuba, abalone diving, crashing surf pictures, and other fun activities, you may be surprised there are also MANY hidden amenities.

For example, did you know Fort Bragg is one of the smallest communities in America with a full Symphony Orchestra, performing four concerts per year and a whole chamber music series as well? Other classical and varieties of music are here too: a Music Festival in July held in a giant tent right next to the ocean? And there several community bands, choirs, groups, and nightclubs on hand to entertain you.

If you like plays and comedy, there is everything from opera to musical theater to serious drama.

fun thingsDon’t forget the incredible shopping experience, from art to antiques; books to boutiques. And there is no end of the variety of eating experiences. Many people come to hike, bike, ride, or play in the redwood forest, where the Coast redwoods are the biggest, oldest and tallest trees you’re likely to see in a lifetime. Bikes and canoes and other gear are available for rent in several places. Adult and youth soccer bring thousands to the coast. There’s a new pool and fitness center with a waterslide only 2 blocks from the soccer games.If soccer isn’t your thing, how about some golf?

The infinite variety of activities on the Mendocino Coast includes beer and wine tasting and tours, with Pinot and Chardonnay grapes flourishing in the Anderson Valley. Upscale wedding events, private limo tours, and transportation to and from the coast can be arranged through the many unique bed and breakfast inns and hotels in the area. There are travel agents to help you as well.

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